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Liaoning Yanjia Industry Co., LTD

Liaoning Yanjia industrial Co., Ltd. is located in China’s steel city, rich in mineral deposits, known as the “geological museum” of Benxi, has a plant area of more than 4,000 square meters, the main production processing operation conveyor belt. Production of various high-performance conveyor belt, belt conveyor joint, light conveyor belt, production conveyor system equipment and conveyor belt industrial spare parts. The product quality is excellent, the after-sales service system is perfect and efficient, which is well received by the steel, cement, mine, wharf, electric power and other users. Advantage products: conveyor belt connection quick joint, iron and steel industry with belt, steel industry with belt. One-stop for conveyor belt, conveyor belt joints, pvc and pu conveyor belts and Conveyors Joint Belt Industrial with great Conveyor Jointing Process.

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Add: Gaotaizi Industrial Park, Mingshan District, Benxi City,
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Leading conveyors joint manufacture Reliable supplier for conveyor belt, conveyor belt joints, conveyor joint belt industrial, conveyor jointing and pvc and pu conveyor belts with great Conveyor Jointing Process.